music stand (624x640)

Here’s a good way to measure the excellence of your church on a scale of 1 to 10. Take the number 10, divide by the number of music stands you have on your stage, and that will equal your level of excellence. For instance, 10 divided by 2 music stands equals an excellence level of 5. I’m not a fan of music stands. We banned them from our stage and it has drastically changed the culture of our church. One, it requires that musicians and singers be prepared instead of arriving unprepared and being dependent on reading from notes. Being prepared means they can focus on leading our church in worship instead of trying to read a sheet of paper on a music stand. Two, it enforces our culture of excellence by keeping the eyesores called “music stands” off of our stage.

Here are 3 stage items that send a negative message about the culture of your church:

1. Music Stands – Music Stands clutter your stage and send the message that we are unprepared.

2. Wires – We are not totally wireless yet. We don’t have in ear monitors, and our musicians still plug in. However, some zip ties and creative placement of stage design can help cut down on the clutter of wires that make your stage look messy. Those wires are sending the sound of your worship to the speakers, but they’re also sending a message to people who view your stage. I hope this goes without saying but, orange extension cords belong on the job site, not on the stage. All cords and wires should be black. Dark carpet and a dark back wall of your stage will help diminish the presence of the necessary evil of wires.

3. Unused Instruments – Your stage shouldn’t be used as extra storage space. If it isn’t in use, find a different place for it. I was at a church recently where an unused piano was pushed against the back wall of the stage. It wasn’t totally unused though, it was serving as a shelf for other unused items as well. Jesus take the wheel.

Take a fresh look at your stage. Hide the cords, hide the wires, we hiding everything up in here.

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