I’m assuming that you are interested in providing your church with an awesome stage design for a very nominal cost. I’m also assuming you are from the backwoods of Arkansas and say cent instead of cents. As in 37 cent.

Sometimes I see a link that says a church has produced an incredible stage design for the low cost of 37 cent. I click on the link to see this supernatural feat of creative ability and realize that indeed the backdrop is awesome and was done on the cheap. The only problem, the backdrop is surrounded by a multi million dollar facility and is illuminated by a $50,000 lighting system. Pretty much anything would look good on that back wall.

What about the rest of us? Here are some of my thoughts on stage design. Starting from a traditional auditorium and moving into LED lights and set designs.

1. If you have a large wooden pulpit, aka sacred desk, remove it. See step 2
2. I’m still a fan of Ikea. If you don’t have LED lights a trip to Ikea can help you begin to add a creative element to your stage and provide some atmosphere. Lamps, rugs, and other textiles can provide some quality stage design. We once built a pulpit out of spare parts from the “as is” section of Ikea. We spent around $8 and it lasted over a year.
3. If you are ready to dabble in LED lights and providing some color to your stage I highly recommend http://www.cheaplights.com. The small LED lights start at around $40 and go up from there. I also recommend trying the “Demo” section. You can usually save at least $10 per light. We have purchased multiple lights from the this section and they are all still in use today and work great. Cheap Lights also has great customer service. We started with zero knowledge and they helped us get set up.
4. Go ahead and paint that back wall black. It’s kind of crazy, but you will need a dark back drop if you are going to start doing stage design. Helpful tip, don’t paint it straight black. Do a smoky black, or a black brown.
5. Let’s talk design. You need something to catch those new LED lights and provide color. My favorite material by far is chloroplast. It’s cheap and it pops when you illuminate it with an LED light. We purchase ours from a local sign shop. It’s $15 for a 4ft x 8ft sheet. Cut it into cool designs. Go to http://www.churchstagedesignideas.com to see some creative patterns.
6. Some other materials to use are PVC pipe and wooden pallets. We just did our first pallet design. I haven’t used textiles yet, but have seen some nice designs with them.
7. Change it every 3-4 months. It will keep your church fresh and exciting.

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